1. Flexibility: Flexibility Is The Range Of Motion In A Joint Or Group Of Joints. Stretching Exercises, Yoga, Or Pilates Can Help Improve Flexibility.
  2. Balance And Coordination: These Are Essential For Overall Functional Fitness And Can Be Improved Through Specific Exercises, Such As Balance Drills And Coordination Exercises.
  3. Nutrition: A Balanced And Nutritious Diet Is Vital For Supporting Your Fitness Goals. It Provides The Energy And Nutrients Your Body Needs For Optimal Performance And Recovery.
  4. Rest And Recovery: Adequate Rest Is Crucial For Allowing Your Body To Recover And Adapt To The Stress Of Exercise. Overtraining Without Sufficient Recovery Can Lead To Fatigue, Injuries, And Decreased Performance.
  5. Cardiovascular Endurance: This Refers To The Ability Of Your Heart And Lungs To Supply Oxygen-Rich Blood To The Working Muscles During Sustained Physical Activity. Activities Like Running, Swimming, And Cycling Help Improve Cardiovascular Endurance.


  • Towels & Deodorant should be used at all times, for hygiene reasons.
  • Normal footwear must be removed outside & sports shoes must be worn for workouts.
  • Getting non-members along is not permitted.
  • Do not open the door for anyone.
  • Do not block the equipment, please share.
  • Rerack the weights back in the right place after use.
  • Do not drop/throw weights on the floor.
  • It’s a unisex gym, please maintain discipline.
  • The penalty of Rs 5,000/- & cancellation of gym membership with no refund, if fail to follow the gym etiquette.

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